Jerry Shapiro

MD, FRCPC, (New York)



  • University of British Columbia Residency Dermatology 1982-1985
  • McMaster University Internship Medicine 1981-1982
  • McGill University M.D., C.M Medicine 1977-1981
  • McGill University B.Sc. (Honours) Science 1973-1976


  • Adjunct Professor Medicine (Dermatology) New York University 2007-
  • Clinical Professor Medicine Medicine (Dermatology) University of British Columbia 2001-
  • Clinical Assoc. Prof. Medicine (Dermatology) University of British Columbia 1995-2001
  • Clinical Asst. Prof. Medicine (Dermatology) University of British Columbia 1991-1995
  • Clinical Instructor Medicine (Dermatology) University of British Columbia 1986-1991


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