1. Classes of Membership within the ILDS

There are two classes of ILDS Member Societies within the ILDS:

a.  Member Societies (National)

Typically, full ILDS Member Societies are country-based, i.e. National Societies

ILDS Member Societies are entitled to nominate Delegate(s) to represent it/them at Delegates’ meetings based on the number of paying Members, subject to Clause 11. of the ILDS Articles of Association, and an example of delegate representation is explained the "Assemblyof Delegates" page on this site..

ILDS Member Societies' Membership Fees are based on the number of paying members. The charge per member, per year, currently is US$1.50

b. Affiliated Member Societies (International)

ILDS Affiliated Member Societies consist of International Societies.

ILDS Affiliated Member Societies are entitled to nominate one Delegate only to represent it at Delegates’ meetings.

ILDS Affiliated Member Societies are charged an annual fee, currently US$100.

Affiliated Member Societies must have a minimum of 50 members for eligibility to apply for ILDS membership.

2. Membership Applications

Applications are considered from Societies within the field of dermatology which have been in existence for at least four years.  Society applications for membership of the ILDS received within the 12 month period before a World Congress of Dermatology will not be considered until after that World Congress of Dermatology has taken place.

The following documentation is required in order for a Membership Application to be considered:

  • Society Registration Certificate
  • Year of Incorporation
  • By-laws of the organization stating “non-profit” organization
  • Number of Members
  • Number of dues-paying Members
  • Names, affiliations and addresses of the Board Members

Member Society applications should also include the following additional information:

  • Percentage of membership from the country in which the Society is based
  • Number of dues-paying members from the country in which the Society is based

3. Billing

All Societies are billed annually, in January, for each year's membership covering the period January – December. Member Societies will be requested to supply details of their paying Membership as at 30 November each year and, based on this information, invoices will be remitted by the Administrative Office. Payment is due on receipt of the invoice.

4. Membership and Delegate Representation

In line with the ILDS Articles of Association, we would like to remind all Member Societies of the regulations regarding the number of Delegates which may be nominated by ILDS Member Societies to attend the ILDS Assembly of Delegates meetings at a World Congress of Dermatology (WCD).

Please refer to "Assembly of Delegates" Section on the site for full details on delegate representation at the Assembly of Delegates meeting(s) at a WCD.


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