While the Assembly of Delegates is empowered to act on certain specific issues, the Board of Directors is responsible for managing the day-to-day business of the ILDS.

1.    Composition

The Board is composed of 10 Regional Directors, 5 International Directors and 3 or 4 ex-officio Directors.   The ex-officio Directors are the immediate past President of the ILDS, the current  President, the immediate past President of the World Congress and, if he/she is not already a Director, the Chairman of the International Foundation for Dermatology Committee.  The ILDS Regions are Europe; USA and Canada; Latin America incl. the Caribbean, South Asia, Middle East and Africa; Asian Pacific with two Directors being appointed from each Region. International Directors are appointed without reference to the country they come from.

2.    The Election Process

At the time of each World Congress of Dermatology, a significant proportion of the Directors retire as no Director  may serve for more than two four-year  terms (disregarding any term of office as an ex-officio Director). New Board Directors are elected by the Assembly of Delegates from a shortlist drawn up from candidates proposed by the Member Societies and Affiliated Member Societies.  

The ILDS Board

The ILDS Board is composed of the following two types of elected Directors: Regional and International.


Two Directors repesent each of the five ILDS Regions of the World:

  • Asia Pacific
  • Europe
  • Latin America, incl. the Caribbean
  • South Asia, Middle East and Africa
  • USA and Canada


        There are five International Directors

     Board Elections

The purpose of the elections is to invite ILDS Societies to elect representatives to the Board of the ILDS where vacancies become available due to the retirement of Board Members. 

Officers and Board Committees

The Administrative Officers of the ILDS are the President, the Secretary and the Treasurer, who are elected by the Directors from their own number. These Officers, together with the President of the next World Congress of Dermatology and at least two other Directors appointed by the Board form the Executive Committee, which is responsible for the day-to-day management of the ILDS. There are also a number of other standing committees, each chaired by a Director. See section "Committees of the Board" for more information on the ILDS Committees.                                       

The Officers serve from their appointment until their successors are appointed at the next appropriate World Congress. The Directors have the power to remove Officers and to elect replacements.






















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