IFD, International Foundation of Dermatology
is a non-profit organisation whose principal mission is to improve dermatologic care in rural areas of developing countries.

RDTC, Regional Dermatology Training Centre
This is an International joint venture between the International Foundation for Dermatology IFD, and the United Republic of Tanzania through the Ministry of Health, in co-operation with the Kilimanjaro Christian Medical Centre, which is an institution of The Good Samaritan Foundation of Tanzania.

WHO & HOW, The Dermatologists Directory Who & How
The Dermatologists' Directory - is an initiative of the René Touraine Foundation sponsored under an unrestricted educational grant by Galderma Laboratories. Its aim is to help hospital-based dermatologists locate one another by name, country, or area of interest.

French Society for the History of Dermatology (SFHD)
The French Society for the History of Dermatology (SFHD), established in 1989, is linked with the History of Dermatology Society and the European Society for the History of Dermatology and Venereology (SFHD)

Dermatology Online Atlas
is the largest dermatology information service available on the internet. It offers elaborate image atlases (DOIA and PeDOIA) complete with diagnoses and differential diagnoses, case reports and additional information on almost all skin diseases. A cooperation between the Dept. of Clinical Social Medicine (Univ. of Heidelberg) and the Dept. of Dermatology (Univ. of Erlangen)

Dermatology Image Atlas
Search the Online Dermatology Atlas and select from the lists of diagnoses, categories of disease or body sites.The purpose of this WWW site is to enable health care professionals, parents, and patients to access high quality dermatology images for teaching purposes.

European Dermatology Forum
Non-profit professional organisation dedicated to improving the healthcare needs of dermatology patients in Europe

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